Investors See SaaS As Right Prescription For Healthcare IT

April 28 2009, 17:27:53 IST | MADHAV A CHANCHANI

Healthcare IT based on SaaS (Software as a Service) may be the way to go if you look at the recent investment trend. Nextgen eSolutions and Insta Health Solutions are two SaaS based software companies for healthcare industry who recently got venture funding. Delhi-based private equity fund Lumis Partners picked up a majority stake in the city based NextGen. Insta Health bagged about $1 million from Bangalore-based Inventus Capital.

NextGen has come up with a product based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model for hospital management services. Bangalore-based Insta Health has also come up with a hospital management software based on SaaS. These products help in management of various functions in hospitals like patient registration, inventory, billing, system administration, etc. Other such players include Karishma Software and Akhil Systems Pvt Ltd. … Continue


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