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A2Zapps nominated in‪ #‎ExhibitHottest100TechStartups‬ amidst over 3000 entries

A2Zapps has been nominated in‪#‎ExhibitHottest100TechStartups‬ amidst over 3000 entries- and, this is surely a ‘bask in the glory’ moment for ‪#‎A2Zians‬.

Want to know the story behind building ‪#‎SuperApp‬– a mobile-first cloud based app platform? Head to ‪#‎Bangalore‬ to know from the man behind Super App- Kantanu Kundu aka KK.

With Super App addressing the pressing areas of SMEs, Mid and Large Firms from varied business verticals, ‪#‎MobifyStore‬– a new product of‪#‎A2Zapps‬– is now live serving the retailer community. Continue reading “A2Zapps nominated in‪ #‎ExhibitHottest100TechStartups‬ amidst over 3000 entries”

A2Zapps- The Chinese Bamboo of the Tech World

By Sneha

Patience and perseverance pays. Well, that’s the case with every successful person or entity. Nobody reaches the pinnacle of success at the drop of a hat. It is a step by step approach. Days of hard-work, moments of agony, tough circumstances, balancing act – are all the signs of something good that waits for you in future. Even, humans are born after nine months intense wait inside a mother’s womb.

Have you heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree? The tree is a true sign of patience and perseverance. It takes five years to grow. No, it is not that it grows out of the blue in the fifth year. It is the years of nurture, nourishment and care that’s provided to it over the initial course of the years that results in its growth in fifth year – up to 80 ft in six weeks.

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Down the nostalgic lane…

By Sagnik

Life at A2Zapps is no less than a relay race. Every #a2zian is running fast to pass on the baton to the other deserving a2zian, just to ensure that the race continues and the baton remains in the hands of the fastest member of the squad. I became the Product Manager a few weeks ago. I am yet to realize if it is a success or an opportunity to learn something more. Though it is little confusing but my mother says that she can see a sigh of happiness and relief on my face. Standing in front of the mirror gazing at myself to see the developments is impossible unlike girls. But I know I have made certain developments.

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Sayanti – a shopaholic – rewinds a year of her life

By Sayanti

Let’s rewind a year of my life. A college student running from pillar to post finishing college assignments, ensuring to submit it before the class topper does, making that one bit extra effort to look the best every day and let the classmates soak in jealousy, enjoying the potluck meals so on and so forth. Those were the days when I wouldn’t miss out on any of the blockbusters hitting the theatres. Sigh! Such a movie buff I was. However, there was always a scope of missing out on some of them due to cash being low- story of every college student’s life.

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A2ZappsTab will be launched this December for India market

If you have been keeping a close eye on our social media updates, it should not surprise you if this time we are thinking to bring in a new solution that would bind the workforce of both emerging and existing enterprises in a more exciting way. A2Zapps India is taking another big leap towards simplifying the workforce. Since inception this bootstrap company has earned credibility with its innovative approach and effective implementation. A2ZappsTab is a slim and powerful slate with embedded Cloud-based App OS (aka ‘Super App’) along with a bundled apps of your choice. Continue reading “A2ZappsTab will be launched this December for India market”

A2Zapps’s brand new offering to the e/m-commerce

mobifystoreWhen the rapid evolution was happening in the e-commerce industry since the past few years, we remained submerged to emerge as a platform that would serve the merchant community multi dimensionally. MobifyStore(MoS) –the flagship e-commerce product of A2Zapps is emerging as another potent service provider in e/m commerce segment. A2Zapps is getting ready to launch this unique product on 12th Oct, 2015 – dedicated exclusively to the merchant community.
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Dipanjan Steps Down From His Executive Role To Serve The Startup Ecosystem in India

The Board Of Directors Of A2Zapps met to discuss the measures to be taken post arising out of the resignation of Mr. Dipanjan Purakyastha from the Senior Management of A2Zapps. Dipanjan was an integral member of the Senior Management Team of A2Zapps lending useful support and valuable inputs in the growth and development of the company. During his tenure, the company had cherished many laudable moments. However as he moves ahead to accomplish his personal goals of working with other startups, the management wishes all the best for his future endeavors.

download full press release from here

How is A2Zapps UnThinking work+play?

It happened somewhere between the Blackberry Curve and the iPhone 3GS. And quietly enough that most of us did not notice, at the time. But consumer automation finally caught up with Business computing … and actually crossed it.

Consumer Outthinks business

Most companies started with allowing only Blackberries among their employees. But then their CEOs bought iPhones and wanted to access all the usual stuff through that. The CIO office, of course, had to accommodate. And before you could say Bob’s your Uncle, the floodgates had opened – everyone and their cousin were bringing different devices to work. Since then, a plethora of affordable mobile computing devices have made BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) a reality with employees.

In the early days of BYOD, these devices were strictly monitored and many were specially formatted to disallow certain functions/applications. That gave way to expensive remote device administration services, which later got built into default OS functionality of the more popular platforms like Android and iOS (Ever notice how, when signing up for your work email on your new phone, a screen comes up that asks permission for your company to remotely wipe your phone? That). And suddenly, security concerns took a backseat, while every firm worth its mobility salt started publishing apps for their employees and customers to use.

Mobile-first, but with caveats

Today, most of us use our phones (and tablets and phablets and netbooks and …) for both work and play. Business apps and personal apps jostle for space on our home screen. The lines between consumer and business computing have gotten increasingly blurrier. Which, in turn, is giving rise to changing workplace models like flexi-work and anywhere computing. And these changing models are, in turn, building demand for better mobile computing environments. That is where the gap has become increasingly visible, in the past few years. Because, while consumer computing have leapt ahead of business, they haven’t really solved the basic problem of how to cross-pollinate the two; and make the mobile environment EQUALLY relevant to work and play. Everything still works within their own islands:

  • From 6pm-9am, we communicate with our friends and family through Facebook and Whatsapp. But from 9am-6pm, we need to switch back to our outdated mail systems to speak with our colleagues and business associates
  • We can use apps for specific functions while mobile, but good luck trying to find an environment where these apps actually interact with each other. So, my CRM app doesn’t talk to my Whatsapp. My mail management tool cannot access my mobile’s phonebook and convert them into leads. My Travel & Expense app does not synch with the popular travel app I downloaded
  • Cost of supporting multiple versions of an app, on an ever-increasing number of mobile platforms, have skyrocketed. While most popular consumer apps have invested to stay relevant across a broad range of device platforms, businesses typically focus on only one or two platforms, and specific versions of them, at that. This restricts the kind of mobile environments employees and partners can access, leading to discontent within the ranks

UnThink Convergence

But in order for mobile computing to really become ubiquitous and productive, these islands need to be connected. A2Zapps Cloud OS UnThinks the entire work/play dynamics to create a universal, seamless and flexible ecosystem that fits individuals and corporations alike:

Universal – With A2Zapps Cloud OS, you are finally confident about building apps once, and using them anywhere. Any device, and platform; our Cloud OS ensures your apps work the same way everywhere

Seamless – A2Zapps has built for a future of integrated automation – where all apps and functions talk to each other and communicate with each other through a social communication and networking spine that runs through everything. We believe in a future where work and play automation are available to users at will. If you use dual login services (for example, two different gmail ids), you are familiar with this concept already. Now imagine using a single super-app that accepts one login credentials and opens all your personal apps and content, and another login credentials for all your work apps and related content.  Now imagine a single social and communication panel (something like a FB News Feed) that runs through both. It would look something like this:


Several companies see the future similarly, and working hard to get there; like Google with their ‘string of pearls’ app bouquet around their Google+ services, Facebook with their renewed focus on their App Store, Messaging Services and Mobile OS, and Microsoft with their aggressive investments to build an integrated multi-device platform through Wiindows 10, Surface Pro, Lumia and Azure ecosystem. The challenge with their progress has always been that each of them want to ringfence the ecosystem only around their products and/or devices; excluding others. The issue is, exclusion fosters neither radical innovation, nor widespread adoption. An Apple user won’t shift to a Microsoft ecosystem, even an avid Facebook user might not want to use a Facebook mobile phone, and Google might continue to have trouble duplicating their consumer app successes in the Enterprise market.

A2Zapps Cloud OS, on the other hand, is everything-agnostic, and built on industry-standard technology. It works with every hardware and software platform, and its App Builder allows you to build and customize any app/functionality you want; making it the preferred choice as the building blocks for tomorrow’s architecture. In other words you have the perfect plug and play ecosystem where you can plug in any app and seamlessly integrate it with the rest of your universe.

Flexible – With A2Zapps’ App and Social Builders, the work and play spaces can be fluid, changing shape and direction as required. The Zero-coding™ App Builder allows you to build/customize/change everything-agnostic apps within minutes, without any programming skills. The Social Builder lets you roll out personalized social networks within minutes, to your entire community or selected parts of it. The apps and the social network are all automatically integrated to each other.

Your home is your office. Your mobile is your computer. Isn’t it time to UnThink your work and play?

UnThink Tomorrow

Let’s accept it. Most of us don’t think. At least not most of the time. Rather, we go. You know, with the flow. We go to our 9 to 5, where we go take the decisions expected of us, and go through the typical motions. Then go back to our families, to the familiar food and the similar lives. In short, the usual.

Is it any surprise then, that most of the businesses we grow, the environments we create, the homes that we build, don’t think either?  Sometimes, everything seems stuck in these doldrums, this absence of Think.

But slowly, some of these elements are changing. There are individuals and organizations that are, finally, Thinking. And their thinking is changing our world. More so in the first 14 years of this century, than perhaps over the past several hundred years.


Think, and what it did

Some of the changes we notice as little ripples – for example, most of us barely noticed that the top two shows at the Golden Globes this year were not from ABC, CBS, HBO or even Showtime. They were from Amazon and Netflix. Netflix didn’t even exist 10 years back, and Amazon was still selling books and knickknacks when Netflix launched. Today, they have a stranglehold on the production and distribution of entertainment in the US, with a combined valuation of $180bn. That’s about 10% of the ENTIRE global entertainment and media marketspace, which stood at $1.9tn in 2014.

Other changes are more visible, and we come across them every day.  Look at our businesses. For years, we have bought software to help us do things better. Over time, while hardware became cheaper, these software kept on getting more and more expensive. And we continued to buy, not Thinking. And then someone started thinking why. And created Salesforce. Everyone said customer data is the most precious information of a company, they would never allow it to stay outside its walls. But within 14 short years, Salesforce is now the largest selling CRM suite in the planet, and among the top 10 software companies in the world, by revenue. But the picture gets more interesting, if you look at its valuation, which typically tells how much belief the markets have on the company’s growth and success. In that listing, Salesforce, with an estimated valuation of $100bn, is right after Microsoft ($385bn) and Oracle ($195bn). Again, a company that didn’t even exist in the 20th century.

Changes caused by Thinking are now part of daily life for many of us. These days, we rarely walk up to hotel reception to get a room, we Hotwire or AirBnB it. We Uber a ride, rather than calling a cab. We Opentable our restaurant reservations, rather than tipping the maitre’d.

All of these have three fundamental elements in common: recent advances in remote computing (ability to store, process, analyze and deploy content over the internet), increasingly cheap internet access (ability to access content), and proliferation of smart mobile devices (ability to process that content). Or, in two short words, Cloud computing. The Cloud have been at the center of most changes in our Thinking in the past decade. And it will continue to lead the way to our future.


Going beyond Think

But all said and done, Cloud still sits at the fringe of our lives, within a few specific successful companies, a handful of integral life tools. We need to go beyond this incremental change. We need to move beyond these isolated examples of success. We need to include the vast majority of us, and make them a part of this change. We need to move them from Don’t Think to UnThink.

Think is building a successful company that breaks industry norms. UnThink is helping the entire industry shift its paradigm.

Think is creating a successful community. UnThink is making every community a success.

Think is empowering a platform. UnThink is making platforms redundant.

Welcome to A2Zapps. Welcome to the UnThink-able.

A2Zapps is a Cloud OS that works on any device, any platform. Which means an app on our OS will work the same anywhere.

Today, if you are an organization that wants to deploy specific automation for its employees and partners, you typically pay for expensive development to create frontends for each device OS. With A2Zapps, you are confident that you will build/buy once, use everywhere

All apps in the A2Zapps Cloud OS are natively integrated. Which means different functions/modules talk to each other.

Today, companies pay billions of dollars to help integrate software A with software B (resulting in the growth of integration providers like Tibco, Mulesoft,…), or buy expensive ERP suites, in order to run their businesses smoothly. With A2Zapps, integration is a thing of the past. Use what you need, when you need it.

A2Zapps Cloud OS has a Zero-coding™ App Builder, which you can use to build apps without ever having to code. Which means anyone and everyone can build apps, not just expensive programmers.

Today, businesses have to decide between struggling with truckloads of spreadsheets to manage their work, and engaging with their Tech organization to help build software for them – often a long and expensive journey. With A2Zapps, Businesses can build their own apps, just like they create their own spreadsheets today.

A2Zapps Cloud OS has a Social Network Builder, to help build scalable communities, within minutes. Which means affordable, scalable engagement with customers, vendors and partners is finally possible, without having to depend on public networks.

Today, with the advent of social media and always-on business environment, corporates need to stay constantly connected with their ecosystem of employees, partners, vendors and customers. With the exception of employees, who may be connected through in-house systems, most of these other stakeholders are poorly served. And depending on public networks to connect create risky dependencies and unmanageable exposure. With A2Zapps, these corporates can build and engage their communities, but within the environs of their own privacy policies and access rights structures.

How does UnThinking work?

A2Zapps Cloud OS runs on a subscription-based utility-type model, where we only charge for the access. All apps, including unlimited use of the App Builders, are free. And our access rates are affordable to smallest businesses to the largest corporations.

With these tools from A2Zapps Cloud OS at your disposal, you can now compete and win against the best in your business, whether they are traditional industry behemoths or game-changing new startups.

For example, you can use our Cloud OS to build and deploy wing-to-wing automation for your small business overnight, offering you the ability to provide the same level of services to your customers as your multi-million dollar competitor.

Or, if you are a growing organization that needs urgent help to build or replace a part of their software ecosystem, in order to compete better at the marketplace. You can pick the relevant apps from our App Store, or just customize/build them with our App Builder.

Or, if you are a large organization burdened with an elephantine ERP system that is proving to be too expensive for your sales force or vendors to use, you can quickly deploy apps to these fringe groups over our Cloud OS, assured all data is real-time synched with your core systems

If you are a budding entrepreneur or early startup with a business model that will change the world, you can use our Cloud OS and App Builder to create that business, at a fraction of the cost and time it would otherwise take for you to build it.

If you are a VC firm/Angel network/Incubator/Accelerator, and you want to invest in more startups, you can leverage our Cloud OS ecosystem to incubate the different business models. Given the significantly lower TCO, now you can do more with less.

For you who are exploring the realms of possibilities and hitting the usual barriers, the future is yours.  It’s your time to UnThink.

Private cloud’s public failure: DMRC CCTV clippings leaked

The Delhi Metro CCTV MMS news is doing rounds in the country now. Managed by the Metro authorities, the METRO’s private Cloud leaked the recorded CCTV clips of its passengers and left us asking questions about the privacy of the so called ‘Private Cloud’. Private Clouds are managed by the company itself. They host the Cloud and manage the servers themselves. Imagine Metro authorities managing Metros, passengers, administration, office staff, and the most of important of all, ensuring the Cloud data security too. Why keep your gold at home when you have lockers in the bank with optimum security and specialized people taking responsibility of the same? It is indeed so much better to give the… Continue

When you are in Cloud, we handle with care!

November 07, 2011 by Priyanka,

Gold is precious hence you prefer keeping it in lockers because you trust bank lockers more than anything else. Ever thought of locking up (read protecting) your crucial data without losing on-demand access to it? Well, Cloud makes it possible for you and we have discussed it time and again but what about the safety quotient?

Let’s figure out…

All networking sites these days enable you to protect your personal data. Just hit the privacy tab and modify the settings- and it’s done.

This reminds me of my class tenth… Continue

The Show Must Go On!

October 20, 2011 by Priyanka,

Cavity in tooth…Thank God for the dentists
Home is across the river…Thank God for the bridge
Room is on the 11th floor…Thank God for the lift
A poor fellow met with an accident…Thank God for the stitches
Cloud burst… water logged roads…stuck in traffic…?? Business can still go on… Thanks to! 

“The show must go on”- that’s the buzz word among everyone who belongs to the show business because they know that “regardless of what happens, the show must still be put on for the waiting patrons”. And we can immediately apply it on almost everything around us because true it is that the show must go on. rightly adopts this theory and with its Cloud power it tries to apply it to each & every existing business. Imagine a situation as simple as this- you are running a business and due to heavy rains you can’t reach your office on time. You can’t get the updates… Continue

Pick, Choose & Use!

October 12, 2011 by Priyanka,

Walk in…
Choose your bread…
Choose your veggies…
Choose your sauce
… and delight your taste buds with your favorite flavor!

Life becomes so much simpler when you run it the way you want. Right from choosing your friends, your career, your hobbies and even your subz- life gives you so many alternatives! All you need to do is make a choice and get started. But when it comes to technology, do we have the privilege to choose, order and take away? Well, not always!

Let your imagination run wild- Suppose, you want to buy a brand new car and you get to choose each and every feature right from the interior& exterior auto parts to accessories as per your requirement and usage. Sounds unrealistic does it?

Okay, how would it be if I tell you that there… Continue

Informationweek- Shopping portal utilizes cloud CRM, integrates with Indiatimes Shopping, Logistics and ecommerce wesbite

…From May 2010, the company is utilizing the cloud based CRM application from The solution helped them in centralizing the business thereby cutting down the overall costs. The solution utilized by ShopYour World focuses on five major areas of their business- centralized order processing, tracking the shipping status, customer support, telemarketing and billing department

Also, Shop Your World has been able to integrate with Indiatimes Shopping, as a result of which the orders placed by the Indiatimes Shopping users are directly… Continue Revisits the Online Desktop before the Final Kick-off: Launch date revised

New Delhi, India – April 29, 2011- As everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of World’s First Windows-like Online Social Work Desktop, the team is leaving no stone unturned to bring out nothing but the best. As they say, “If you want to reach the goal, never run… go slowly”- has always worked along the same lines. The
launch of’s Online Desktop has been delayed for the Desktop is being tested extensively on all HTML5 browsers- Firefox, Google Chrome and IE9. The team believes that this is going to be a crucial moment for all hence it’s okay to slow down a bit and revisit the final product before the absolute curtain raiser.

When the World was merely talking about the… Continue

A Smart Cloud for the Smarter You

08 Apr 2011 By PR

Pigeons to iphones, type-writers to palm tops, Rs 500 for a mobile connection to free of cost SIM cards, scraps to tweets- the world has surely come a long way! In such a high tech world where technology has made the world come closer under one single Cloud, everyone is putting their best foot forward to streamline their business model.

Cloud computing is emerging as one of the most economical, quick and reliable techniques in the IT market. No more spending on the Software, no more expenditure on the maintenance front, and no more installation- that’s what’s Cloud power brings to you! Whether you wish to manage your company accounts or ease the task of your human resource department, whether you are the CEO of a company or an employee, the Cloud technology promises something for everyone.

Every move involves a decision and every… Continue is getting ready to launch world’s first Windows-like Online Work Desktop

New Delhi, India – March 30, 2011- In the wake of fast emerging Cloud revolution, is all set to bring to life World’s First Ever Windows-like Work Desktop with a ‘pay-as-you-go’ tag. It’s a proud moment as it marks the beginning of a new age that will transform the way computing services are delivered and Information Technology will be exercised by the users. The company is going to get things rolling with its unparagoned On-Demand Work Desktop-the date of launch, for which, will be announced soon.

A2Zapps Work Desktop is an absolute Back-Pack that enables every user to safely carry their world along. It is a ‘one-of-it’s kind’ Online Workstation which is aptly called the ‘Future work Platform’ with… Continue

Interview with Kantanu Kundu, CEO,

Kantanu was part of a startup growth at in San Francisco where he saw how online sales applications could help small and medium-sized companies to achieve their goals without investing in hardware or software. “Looking at the growing number of SMEs in India and their lack of IT knowledge/resources and their inability to afford SAP or Oracle apps, I personally thought they could be served better through a subscription-based and installation-free business model,” he says. But Kantanu wanted to offer a single platform on which multiple business apps such as CRM, Billing, HR, Project management etc. could be created in a few hours or within days. “I also wanted a simple, easy to remember and self-explanatory name that could communicate our business model. It’s evident with our name that we deliver all types (a-to-z) of business applications over the internet. This is how – a cloud-based platform- was born,” recounts Kantanu….

Click here for full interview.

Indian PaaS players accelerate on cloud highway

…But the biggest advantage of a PaaS platform is the agility of developing and deploying an application. “The majority of the applications that we have sold so far have been built from scratch in less than 15 days to meet the unique needs which our customers had. We are realizing that if you give an opportunity to your customer to build their own custom CRM, Billing, HR or other app as opposed to a ready-made app, they go for their own to stand out from their competition.

This is one of the biggest advantages of a PaaS platform,” says Kantanu Kundu, CEO, Chairman & Founder,… Continue

The Future, Now

11th January, 2010 by Nipa Vaidya,



Let’s begin with the basics. What is cloud computing? Wikipedia says it is ‘an Internet – (“cloud-“) based development and use of computer technology’. Simplifying this definition for us, Anurag Gupta Senior Architect, Yahoo, says, “Cloud computing is a mechanism that enables management of computing and IT infrastructure to be consolidated in one or more data centers to
reduce the overall cost of operating computing facilities.” Breaking down this information to the bare basics, Vikas Arora, Group Director –Enterprise Services, Microsoft India, says, “Cloud computing is nothing but a computing technology that provides organisational abilities… Continue

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