Kantanu was part of a startup growth at Salesforce.com in San Francisco where he saw how online sales applications could help small and medium-sized companies to achieve their goals without investing in hardware or software. “Looking at the growing number of SMEs in India and their lack of IT knowledge/resources and their inability to afford SAP or Oracle apps, I personally thought they could be served better through a subscription-based and installation-free business model,” he says. But Kantanu wanted to offer a single platform on which multiple business apps such as CRM, Billing, HR, Project management etc. could be created in a few hours or within days. “I also wanted a simple, easy to remember and self-explanatory name that could communicate our business model. It’s evident with our name that we deliver all types (a-to-z) of business applications over the internet. This is how A2Zapps.com – a cloud-based platform- was born,” recounts Kantanu….

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