October 20, 2011 by Priyanka, A2Zapps.com

Cavity in tooth…Thank God for the dentists
Home is across the river…Thank God for the bridge
Room is on the 11th floor…Thank God for the lift
A poor fellow met with an accident…Thank God for the stitches
Cloud burst… water logged roads…stuck in traffic…?? Business can still go on… Thanks to A2zapps.com! 

“The show must go on”- that’s the buzz word among everyone who belongs to the show business because they know that “regardless of what happens, the show must still be put on for the waiting patrons”. And we can immediately apply it on almost everything around us because true it is that the show must go on.

A2Zapps.com rightly adopts this theory and with its Cloud power it tries to apply it to each & every existing business. Imagine a situation as simple as this- you are running a business and due to heavy rains you can’t reach your office on time. You can’t get the updates… Continue